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Distinct FeaturesThat Travelers Appreciate About Boutique Lodging Establishments

There are several features of a Boutique Hotel that set it apart from big chains and generic luxury hotels. A list of features can help people learn whether a lodging establishment can be considered boutique even if the place isn't advertised that way.

Uniqueness and Authenticity

A combination of uniqueness and authenticity is a hallmark of boutique hotels. The establishment owners don't try to pretend the lodging is something it really is not. An example of pretense would be a new cookie-cutter concrete block exterior housing an interior created to look like 19th-Century England.

Personalized Attention

Personalized attention is another distinct feature of these hotels. Although most hotels are likely to have friendly staff members at the front desk, there are so many guests at any given time that being able to remember all of them is impossible. Boutique lodging has a smaller number of rooms, so this is not an issue.

Part of the Neighborhood

These types of hotels also strive to blend in well with the neighborhood and embrace its traditions. It's not like plopping down a new chain hotel in the middle of a neighborhood with historic architecture and evidence of a certain cultural heritage.

Understanding the Experience

Despite all this knowledge, there's really no way to understand the wonderful experience of staying at a hotel like Treasury on Collins until a person actually does so. This particular hotel is located in an elegant, historic landmark building with rooms that have been upgraded with the latest amenities. Does that conflict with the authenticity? Patrons agree that it does not. People staying in an urban center often are there on business, and they demand Internet service.

A Suite or Apartment

In this particular hotel, guests can stay in an apartment or suite with a homey setting. In the apartments, they have cooking equipment available along with a refrigerator that's standard in all rooms. They'll probably want to try some Melbourne restaurants while being a guest at the hotel, but they may want to have meals in their own hideaway too.

This type of lodging is suitable for nearly anyone who needs to stay in one place for longer than a weekend. A group of business travelers working on the same team might pair up and share an apartment with each appreciating their own private bedroom. It's a far cry from the standard arrangement of sharing one hotel room with two double or queen-sized beds.